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Silver crest

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    Jan 18 2024

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Description Silver Crest offers affordable‎‎,‎,‎‎ energy‎‎-efficient home appliances ‎‎for various uses at home. ‎‎ The brand is well known for their high‎‎-quality‎‎,‎‎ top of the range products and now they are all available on Jumia Kenya‎‎.‎‎ Order this exclusive brand from Jumia today and let us deliver right to your doorstep‎. If you are looking for a professional blender that offers more than just blending, then here's a deal, SilverCrest Blender with Grinding Machine that will last long and serve you well. . It comes with speed regulation and is great for multipurpose use including grinding coffee beans and spices and meat as well. You can now order for this blender on and have it delivered to you at an amazing price. Get your sauces, grains, ice cream, bisques, smoothies and milk shakes going! Features 2L Unbreakable Jar High-torque Powerful 4 speed motor with pulse stainless steel blade for sharp cutting grinder for grinding coffee/nuts/spices Simply rinse with soap & water

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